About Us

JESCO was founded in 1981, to provide innovative solutions to the Dry Bulk Material Handling & Processing Equipment Industry.  JESCO represents the industry leaders in volumetric and gravimetric feeding, pneumatic conveying, mixing and blending, bulk bag and container handling, portable and bulk storage, level and inventory controls, magnetic separation, screening and sifting, dry fog dust control systems and custom engineered processing systems.


JESCO works with light industrial to heavy industrial companies involved in the handling and processing of dry bulk material and aggregates. We choose to represent companies and products that offer the best value to our Michigan customer base.  We represent companies and product that are Made in USA, built for 24/7 processing environments, customer focused, offer custom solutions, high quality service and have dedicated people.  And almost all the companies we represent will test your product at their own test labs.  At JESCO, we are creative and focus on solutions to help you implement process improvement resulting in higher quality and margins, improve safety resulting in less work related injury and more.


We look forward to new challenges everyday.  We are available to meet on-site to evaluate your opportunity, for general product presentations and on-site consultations.  Call us direct or email your requests today.