FogClean is a best disinfectant delivery system in the marketplace for private and public spaces such as restaurants, theatres, hospitals, office buildings, factories, trains, busses, cars, and more.


Using the disinfectant of your choice, FogClean systems utilize a proprietary, ultrasonic nozzle to atomize any liquid to droplets below 10 microns in size.  Does water droplet size matter?  The liquid converts to a fog and enables you to quickly and efficiently sanitize large surface areas without leaving residue or liquid behind.  

While disinfectants are usually designed to inactivate or destroy microorganism and pathogens on inert surfaces, the ultrasonic nozzles's method for fog distribution also addresses airborne pathogens.  Dry Fog particles have a longer dwell time than standard spray disinfectants ensuring the disinfectant has enough time to attach to like size particles in the air and on surfaces.


Fog Clean - Disinfecting a vehicle. (2.26 Minutes)

Fog Clean - What comes with you order. (2.47 Minutes)

Fog Clean - Maintenance and Operations (3.16 Minutes)

FogClean Brochure

  • Creates microscopic sized droplets for better surface area coverage.

  • Droplet size allows for best contact with airborne pathogens.

  • No residue left behind on surfaces.

  • Creates electrostatically charged particles without the need for electronics or batteries.

  • Enables user to control the droplet size via small regulator to achieve wetter or drier fog.

  • Uses minimal amount of solutions to achieve coverage due to the smaller droplet sizes.

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