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About Tarsco Bolted Tank

Tarsco Bolted Tank, a TF Warren Company, is the global leader in factory-applied epoxy coated bolted tanks, as well as stainless steel and now with the addition of bolted glass-fused-to-steel tanks which allows us to provide a comprehensive range of products and solutions for every customer’s specific needs. We manufacture bolted tanks for liquid and dry storage solutions and our team of professional’s works diligently to improve our products, processes, and procedures.

Tarsco Bolted Tank provides superior quality and cost effective integrated bolted tank solutions and is committed to being the safest, most cost effective and customer-focused supplier in the industry. We are driven to be the number-one choice in the bolted tank storage industry.

Tarsco Bolted Tank continues to upgrade and improve not only its heritage processes, which have long been the industry standard, but also introduces its new state-of-the-art coatings applications system, along with a new high-speed laser cutting system.

Now, in full operation, these multi-million dollar equipment investments improve the complete manufacturing process.

The new laser cutting system offers superior component fit-up during installation, reducing field assembly time and improved cut quality, with enhanced accuracy.

The new improved coatings process demonstrates Tarsco Bolted Tank’s commitment to continued improvement of equipment, quality controls, testing, state-of-the-art processes and end product. The new multi-step process ensures Tarsco Bolted Tank produces the highest quality and most durable bolted tank solutions worldwide.

The coatings applications system offers improved tank durability, longer life-cycle of the tank, better corrosion resistance and finish thickness are improved. We design and manufacture to national and international standards.

The coatings system Tarsco Bolted Tank employs reinforces the long-held philosophy that the processes and equipment utilized are as important as the coatings themselves.

The combination of all of the recent equipment and process improvements along with, employing the safest construction crews, the laser precision of and metal cutting equipment, enhanced state-of-the-art coatings processes and rigorous quality makes Tarsco Bolted Tank the leader in the bolted tank industry.

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