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Modern, efficient and future-oriented

The BOY product range includes machines with clamping forces up to 137.5 tons – starting with the BOY XXS for high precision micro molding up to the powerful BOY 125 E. User friendly touchscreen controls and a wide range of options are available to meet a wide range of applications. The product range includes furthermore insert molding machines with vertical clamping and injection units, and with additional individually configurable options.

  • An extensive range of fully hydraulic injection molding machines up to 137.5 tons clamping force.

  • Easily accessible two-platen clamping system.

  • Especially economical and cost-efficient production by means of a servo-motor pump drive and with the use of the EconPlast units.

  • High functional reliability.

  • Latest state-of-the-art hydraulic drive system - intelligent machine control.

  • Intelligent control software with intuitive operation.

  • Small footprint.

  • Low machine hour rates.

BOY has a leading role in the development of the most modern control techniques. The results of our innovative designs are the very best values in precision, speed, and ease of operation. It is therefore no surprise that BOY injection molding machines are among the most cost-efficient and therefore economical machines on the market.

Our most popular

model is the 22A PRO

See Brochure.

Silocone Application: Liquid Silicone (LSR)

The BOY sprueless nozzle, among other things, increase the number of possible LSR applications specially for the sprueless injection. BOY supplies for LSR applications not only the injection molding machine but also special mix-metering pumps for the material feed.

Applications: Molded technical parts, seals, spark plugs, anode caps, baby bottle nipples.

Ceramic and Metal Powder Application (PIM): 

Plasticizing units especially developed by BOY are available for the processing of ceramic and metal powder. Working closely together with the users, solutions were developed which turned out to be very effective.

Small mass-produced articles and articles with complex shapes can be produced economically with these techniques.



With the market launch of the BOY 35 E PRO (350 kN clamping force), new standards are set.  Read more . . .


BOY XS and BOY XXS offer 50% more plasticizing volume.  The two injection moulding machines will have a maximum stroke volume of 15.3 cm³ as standard.

Read more . . .

BOY injection moulding machines now hybrid

An optional, servo-electric drive for the injection unit (eSP) of BOY injection moulding machines.  Read more . . .

Additional Equipment

  • Sprue Pickers

  • Mold Temperature Control

  • Dryers

  • Chillers

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